Rethinking UX for AI-driven Monitoring

Today, the UX of monitoring tools depends on customers telling us what they want to see. With the addition of machine-learning, we can make recommendations about trends and events to pay attention to, even if customers aren’t aware of them. We’re developing some new design patterns to make this possible, and the challenge is finding the right amount of personalization and clarity to achieve real value. I’ll examine some of these patterns and talk about what comes next. Attendees will gain a better understanding of current challenges in personalization, how to prioritize their UX needs, and how to apply the design patterns we’ve implemented at Datadog to their own projects.


Steve Boak


I’m a Senior Product Designer at Datadog and former co-founder and head of product of Opsee. I’ve been a designer in the dev tools space for the past 7 years, and I’m the co-host of a podcast on developer experience design called Don’t Make Me Code.