How Optimizely tracks its own build health using the Developer Pain Index

As more teams embrace continuous integration (CI) methodologies, transforming these processes into reliable and scalable outcomes can dramatically increase the productivity and output of your engineering group. However, tracking this progress can be a daunting task as the organization and codebase grow.

To address this, Optimizely created a new metric to track developer productivity called the Developer Pain Index (DPI) which quantifies health across the entire build ecosystem. DPI is defined as build time divided by build success percentage (build time/success %). Collecting these metrics allow organizations to create faster and more reliable builds, reducing total hours wasted due to instability and increase the overall productivity of software engineers.


Brian Lucas


Brian Lucas is a Senior Staff Engineer at Optimizely and is responsible for Build, Test, and Release Engineering processes. Before that he was CTO at Credible and Hoopla, and lead architect at Slingbox.